The structural design of plastic containers is inseparable

In order to make the packaging sustainable, bio-based degradable materials came into being and gradually became a hot topic in the industry. Bio-based degradable materials refer to a new class of materials made by biological, chemical and physical methods using renewable materials such as crops, trees, other plants and their residues and inclusions.

Products made from bio-based degradable materials are typically green, environmentally friendly, renewable, and biodegradable.

At present, large companies such as DuPont and BASF are actively expanding their bio-based chemicals business. As a packaging development worker in cosmetics manufacturing, I hope that in the future, bio-based degradable materials can be applied to cosmetic packaging to promote the sustainable development of cosmetic packaging.

Structural design requirements

For cosmetics, the first layer of packaging is very important and directly related to product quality. The first layer of cosmetics is mostly plastic containers. The structural design of plastic containers is inseparable from the choice of materials and molding processes. Commonly used plastic materials can be classified into soft materials and hard materials in terms of texture, that is, typical soft materials represented by PE, PP, etc., and typical hard materials represented by ABS, PMMA, and the like.

The Plastic Cosmetic Jars manufacturers molding processes for plastic containers include injection molding, hollow molding, injection blow molding, etc. However, no matter which molding process is selected, the sealing design and capacity design of the plastic container are essential.
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